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Schooled To Be Locked Down

Schooled To Be Locked Down

Among all things COVID most puzzling has been our acceptance of measures given the statistics. As of May 2, 2021:

37,742,154 Population

24,383 deaths by COVID

0.064% of Canadians dead by COVID which begs such questions:

  1. Why do we listen to government but not the numbers?
  2. Why are we afraid of questioning the measures?
  3. Why is there no discussion comparing COVID and lockdown victims?
  4. Why can’t we problem-solve collectively?
  5. Why can’t we recognize censorship?
  6. Why are we so eager to be vaccinated?
  7. Why can’t we think?

Indeed, why?

Q. Why do the majority allow and believe in such measures or don’t believe in them but refuse to speak?

A. School. Yes, the answer to all of the above is school, each of us by law socialized twelve years not to question the curriculum. School is no doubt the answer – not to the question of what society needs more but to the question of why we respond to un-debated mandates with such trust, obedience and docility.

Consider school: five days a week for ten months a year over twelve critical years children at their most impressionable conform to the body politic in semi-detached rows and columns strictly conditioned by rules, norms and values. It’s not so much brainwashing as it is identity-washing with little room for thought, discussion or bonding which, incidentally, are why bullying and peer pressure prevail in the classroom.

School is no doubt the Valium of the masses altering states of mind and nation while avoiding the cultivation of consciousness or scruples. Examination of moral, social and/or biological dilemmas are not on the menu nor are community building, real world problem-solving or thought.

Q. What’s the most dominant institution over the way we think, behave and respond to government?

A. School (i.e. government) where you:

  1. Don’t question authority (government)
  2. Don’t talk to your neighbor
  3. Behave, be quiet and follow the leader (government)
  4. Read (what government decides)
  5. Work alone
  6. Copy (what government speaks)
  7. Memorize (what government writes)
  8. Answer the question (that government asks)
  9. Study for the test (conducted by government)
  10. Live at the mercy of your environment (influenced heavily by government)

…eerily similar to our existence in lockdown.

For those not academically or socially gifted school experience includes:

  1. Feeling stupid
  2. Feeling inferior
  3. Alienation and exclusion
  4. Resentment, anger, frustration, hostility (taken out on peers)
  5. Need for escape/release (through alcohol, drugs, cutting, excessive eating or dieting)
  6. Need for acceptance (through gangs, cults, “bad” influences)
  7. Need for positive attention and/or love (through social media)
  8. Need for mood enhancement (through therapists, medications, formal groups)
  9. Need for opportunity for active (v. passive) involvement in community, to have purpose
  10. Desperate need to avoid suffering and fit in

…which is why our neurotic approval-obsessed national community conforms and complies without question. It’s also why so many are not self-confident, visionary, free thinking, research-prone, progressive or united through mature exchange.

Again notice life as an outsider at school and in lockdown, neither life scientifically proven to be healthy. There are no studies that demonstrate school’s positive impact on mental, emotional, social and spiritual health nor, incidentally, are there studies of those in lockdown. Neither have been proven to be good for us, neither accepted voluntarily, both imposed under threat.

Naturally a society socialized by school to believe in its objectives would be hard pressed to notice its spiritual suicide (every desk an electric chair) or its erasure of mind and individuality. After all school is society’s sacred cow, the forced experience for everyone yet never fingered as the culprit of mass psychology much less personality destruction.

At present, like school, government drags us lockstep before authority figures, their agendas explicit and relentless: respect restrictions, not each other; answer questions rather than question answers; listen to the critical leader, not the critical mind; ingest information rather than cultivate knowledge; and worship the system rather than seek out the truth.

Q. What is the truth?

A. 0.064% of Canadians dead by COVID over sixteen months.

Should the educated (read: indoctrinated and undermined) question the statistics they are not only enemies of mine but mind, truth and freedom – in short, the very embodiment and product of school. If you really think you can catch COVID-19 alone in your vehicle I suggest you follow the mind-washing trail back to childhood.

In the end (figuratively and literally) we have locked down and welcome the vaccine as instructed: without question, thought, discussion or love.

Written Ken Lori

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