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Ottawa Ontario Canada, February 16 2022, Protestor carrying upside down Canadian Flag

28 Reasons Canadians Ought To Be Concerned

28 Reasons Canadians Ought To Be Concerned

By Theodore Kuntz |

Dear Fellow Canadians,

In March 2020, our governments in Canada declared a state of emergency in response to Covid-19. This resulted in the most egregious violation of rights and freedoms in our history. Voices of concern and pleas to our governments and their agents from scientists, doctors, politicians, academics, lawyers, and citizens to stop the violations have been met with silence and dismissal.

Though we are seeing some reversals in the government’s response to Covid-19 with mask and vaccine mandates being rescinded in many sectors, all is not well. Below are some of the many reasons why Canadians ought to be concerned with the status of Canada today. The reality is that we cannot return to a functioning democracy based upon individual rights and freedoms until these concerns are acknowledged, addressed, and our rights and freedoms are restored.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms Concerns

  1. All governments in Canada have violated the rights and freedoms of Canadians guaranteed under the Canadian Charter. To date, no government has “demonstrably justified” their violations as is required under Section 1 of the Charter.
  2. The political, medical, and media establishments coerced Canadians into accepting Covid-19 treatments without informed consent through the use of discriminatory vaccine mandates.
  3. Federal, provincial, and many civic governments continue to impose vaccine mandates on their employees in violation of the Charter and medical ethics.
  4. The Federal government continues to ban millions of Canadians from air and other forms of travel, a restriction not found anywhere else in the developed world.
  5. The Federal government is preparing to sign off on a Memorandum of Understanding that will give the World Health Organization the authority to impose measures in the event of a pandemic. This will deprive Canadians of their sovereignty and inalienable rights.
  6. Those challenging the government’s response to Covid-19 continue to be shamed, blamed, criminalized, and incarcerated.
  7. The Federal government granted Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers legal immunity for any injuries or deaths caused by their products. Canadians injured and killed by these products are unable to receive just compensation.
  8. We continue to live in an apartheid state where one group of Canadians is treated differently than another. This denies equality under the law and is in direct violation of the Charter.

Science Concerns

  1. All governments have failed to demonstrate that the measures imposed to reduce the spread of Covid-19 (lockdowns, masking, vaccines, and social distancing) were safe, effective, and necessary.
  2. There is a substantial and growing body of evidence that the measures imposed have caused significantly more harm than good.
  3. The Covid-19 vaccines continue to be promoted to “stop the spread and prevent infection” when they do neither.
  4. The vaccine industry is lobbying governments to authorize the use of the Covid-19 vaccine for infants as young as six months even though their risk from Covid-19 is negligible.

Vaccine Concerns

  1. The medical evidence is substantive and growing that the Covid-19 vaccines are neither safe nor effective. In spite of the medical evidence, the Government of Canada and all 13 provincial and territorial governments continue to promote their use.
  2. The Covid-19 vaccines aren’t actually vaccines as they do not prevent infection or transmission.
  3. Vaccine manufacturers have been unwilling to release the raw data from clinical trials to allow for an independent review. The British Medical Journal calls this “morally indefensible”.
  4. Governments continue to use coercion and propaganda to impose Covid-19 vaccination thereby violating the legal and medical ethic of informed consent and denying Canadians bodily sovereignty and the right to make their own medical decisions.
  5. Current government policies that permit child vaccination without parental knowledge or consent undermine a parent’s authority and their right and responsibility to make medical decisions for their children.

Censorship Concerns

  1. Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals continue to be silenced, censored, and decertified for exercising their professional judgment.
  2. Proven protocols for the prevention and early treatment of Covid-19 continue to be withheld from Canadians, treatments that are being used successfully in other countries.
  3. Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google continue to censor, shadow ban, and use algorithms to suppress information that challenges the government’s perspective on Covid-19 and the vaccines.
  4. Governments are criminalizing a citizen’s right to public protest.
  5. Bills are being introduced in the Federal parliament to restrict freedom of speech. (Bill C-11)
  6. The government has stated their intention to introduce a digital – ID system that will have the capacity to track, monitor, and control the behaviour of all Canadians.

Democracy Concerns

  1. Thousands of small independent businesses were deemed non-essential and forced to close.
  2. Tens of thousands of Canadians had their employment terminated and were then denied unemployment benefits, benefits to which they contributed.
  3. The Federal government has demonstrated its willingness to prevent Canadians from accessing their own financial resources if they disagree with government measures.
  4. The government debt now surpasses 1.1 trillion. This debt is causing rapid inflation and the devaluing of the Canadian dollar.
  5. Millions of Canadians continue to be discriminated against because of their medical status and health treatment choices.

Checks and Balances Concerns

As a result of these actions, our trust in our governments, banking institutions, public health, regulatory agencies, law enforcement, and corporate media have been significantly eroded. We must address these breaches of trust and violations of rights to ensure that these same destructive measures, and worse, will not be imposed the next time there is a declared pandemic or another deemed emergency. It’s time Canadians stand up and affirm that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the supreme law of the land.