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13 reviews for Subscribe To Get Honest News & Information ‘They’ Don’t Want You To See

  1. zebb

    It’s so refreshing to find TRUTH, LOVE and FREEDOM in my mailbox every month. I love Druthers!

  2. Ali

    Thank you for helping save Canada

  3. Karen Beilhartz

    I absolutely love Druthers Newspaper!
    We can no longer trust Mainstream Media to tell us the truth. Druthers Newspaper let’s, we the people, see what is actually going on in our community…our City…our Province and I don’t want lies and I certainly don’t want to hear only one side of the story. Several months ago I started seeing that the Government was controlling what I was seeing and what I was being told. I had friends attending rallies in support of Freedom. There were people there doing Live Feeds on Facebook. Literally thousands of people there and yet, no Mainstream Media Covering the event. Then there was the Peaceful Protest by the Frontline Workers, held in Toronto. Hundreds of Police, Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters and Paramedics that took a Stand Against the Forced Vax Passes And The Right to choose what goes into our bodies. Look at Australlia! People being shot for attending Peaceful Protests to.protest the JAB being forced on them. People running away from Police and the Police shooting them in the back. No mention of this Beautiful Country of Australlia, having its’ citizens locked down, without being able to leave their homes without permission. Australlians cannot even access the Internet right now without permission. Druthers reports on all these things and more. I highly recommend that you Subscribe.

  4. Donalee Wallace

    Great to get the other side of the story. Subscribed online and for paper copies, then we pass them along. We have woken up a number of people just by leaving it out for them to peruse. Way to go Druthers, thank you for all your great honest good old fashioned reporting!

  5. Darcy

    Great information that really needs to be shared. Keep up the great work.

  6. Jo

    Very pleased someone is offering a source for critical thinking.

  7. Tracy White

    Excellent, truthful, reliable news!

  8. Margaret

    Great paper and live coverage. Keep up the awesome job!!

  9. Ileana

    That k you for speaking up against the censorship!

  10. Margaret Turnbull

    Thank God for true news. God Bless all of you for continuing to push the truth. We need real news like the Druthers. Everyone who has been helping Shawn Jason God Bless you all. Keep it up.

  11. Azra Brkan

    Eye opening, informative and truthful!

  12. Rhonda

    Great source of true, factual information. They have well written articles that I can TRUST to be accurate not hyped or spun to fit a narrative. It was wonderful to find an alternative printed paper that I’ll actually read instead of just toss straight into the recycle.

  13. billybobjojim

    just shut up antivaxers and let the smart people be smart

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