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78 reviews for Subscribe To Get Honest News & Information ‘They’ Don’t Want You To See

  1. zebb

    It’s so refreshing to find TRUTH, LOVE and FREEDOM in my mailbox every month. I love Druthers!

  2. Ali

    Thank you for helping save Canada

  3. Karen Beilhartz

    I absolutely love Druthers Newspaper!
    We can no longer trust Mainstream Media to tell us the truth. Druthers Newspaper let’s, we the people, see what is actually going on in our community…our City…our Province and I don’t want lies and I certainly don’t want to hear only one side of the story. Several months ago I started seeing that the Government was controlling what I was seeing and what I was being told. I had friends attending rallies in support of Freedom. There were people there doing Live Feeds on Facebook. Literally thousands of people there and yet, no Mainstream Media Covering the event. Then there was the Peaceful Protest by the Frontline Workers, held in Toronto. Hundreds of Police, Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters and Paramedics that took a Stand Against the Forced Vax Passes And The Right to choose what goes into our bodies. Look at Australlia! People being shot for attending Peaceful Protests to.protest the JAB being forced on them. People running away from Police and the Police shooting them in the back. No mention of this Beautiful Country of Australlia, having its’ citizens locked down, without being able to leave their homes without permission. Australlians cannot even access the Internet right now without permission. Druthers reports on all these things and more. I highly recommend that you Subscribe.

  4. Donalee Wallace

    Great to get the other side of the story. Subscribed online and for paper copies, then we pass them along. We have woken up a number of people just by leaving it out for them to peruse. Way to go Druthers, thank you for all your great honest good old fashioned reporting!

  5. Darcy

    Great information that really needs to be shared. Keep up the great work.

  6. Jo

    Very pleased someone is offering a source for critical thinking.

  7. Tracy White

    Excellent, truthful, reliable news!

  8. Margaret

    Great paper and live coverage. Keep up the awesome job!!

  9. Ileana

    That k you for speaking up against the censorship!

  10. Margaret Turnbull

    Thank God for true news. God Bless all of you for continuing to push the truth. We need real news like the Druthers. Everyone who has been helping Shawn Jason God Bless you all. Keep it up.

  11. Azra Brkan

    Eye opening, informative and truthful!

  12. Rhonda

    Great source of true, factual information. They have well written articles that I can TRUST to be accurate not hyped or spun to fit a narrative. It was wonderful to find an alternative printed paper that I’ll actually read instead of just toss straight into the recycle.

  13. Robin

    It’s nice to know I am not alone!
    The cognitive dissonance is crazy these days

  14. Michelle

    Love Druthers. Only paper with real facts and news.
    Keep Canada strong and free 😍

  15. Fabienne Van Raemdonck (verified owner)

    I have been proudly handing out Druthers for quite some time. I even drop some off at Shoppers Drug Store in their magazine stand. It is informative. It’s nice to have the truth spoken instead of lies. I believe, thanks to Druthers that more people are awake & finally seeing the TRUTH. Thank you Druthers.

  16. Scott bell

    Truth is always awesome

  17. Emily

    To whoever delivered one of these papers to my house today (dec 8 2021) in maple ridge near lougheed hwy, thank you. This is the type of content I am looking for. Life is not worth living without freedom.

  18. Alana Hunter


  19. Alana Hunter


  20. Alana hunter

    only paper worth reading and the only one i trust to tell me the truths!! Exposes the bull shit the gov tries to feed us to save their carcasses

  21. Alana kieszkowski

    only paper worth reading and the only one i trust to tell me the truths!! Exposes the bull shit the gov tries to feed us to save their carcasses

  22. Livia Malina (verified owner)

    It is so great to see people stand up for their freedom. Thank you so much for doing this for the world. You have our 100% support. Lots of strenght, health and peace your way.

  23. Jackie Luszczek

    Spread the word.

  24. Carol Bowd

    I like your input and what your doing… keep up informing Canada

    I wish I could do more … I am a senior , and have a few health issues

  25. KB (verified owner)

    In Ontario, Global News fully covers Ontario new daily cases and they report the numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated. Other mainstream news do not provide the figures on vaccinated and unvaccinated in the daily new case total.

    a) Two months ago, Ontario Health reported Oct 11/21, that there were 535 new daily cases and dual vaccinated daily new cases were 125 or 27%.
    b) On Dec 15/21, the daily new case count reported is 1,808 with dual vaccinated at 1,046 or now grown to 58% of daily new cases.
    c) Dec 15th reporting noted dual vaccinated are 35% of total daily new cases. Vaccinated catching covid, are 421 more than unvaccinated new daily cases at 625. Remaining figures are single vaccinated and unknown.
    These figures are not a surprise considering the drop in vaccine effectiveness as demonstrated in an Israel study and Phizer’s own study published early Oct/21. These showed after 6 months a drop in effectiveness of the vaccines to 67% and 47% respectively.

    Until actual data figures like these are shown to people, all the arguments of free speech etc., are useless, as it is just a he says – she says scenario. I have found in that scenario, the vast vast majority of people will only believe mainstream press, Health Canada and their politicians.

    Majority of people want to get back to normal so badly, that they grab at straws/stories that vaccines work and its only the unvaccinated, who are causing the problem) and are unwilling to investigate or even hear anything different.

    Until the actual figures are announced and published, people will continue to support mandates, vaccinations and put down anybody who says differently.

  26. Peter D

    I like Druthers, but I sent an email weeks ago and have not gotten a response. A friend wants to subscribe but does not use computers, yet there is no phone number I can see on the site. There is a mailing address and I gave that to her, but she’s not That old school lol. Please respond to this email. Thanks!

  27. Pauline

    Can I have it delivered to my door ?

  28. Alvin Norton

    Thank you muchly!!!

  29. Jim Dalton (verified owner)

    Love the Paper and share it where ever I can

  30. Wayne Harriman

    What a bunch of morons. This is people, writing about stories they hear, without fact checking said story, and then publishing it for conspiracy theorists to read as ‘facts’ and spread even more misinformation. Druthers is entirely funded, written, distributed, and promoted by the MISINFORMED for the MISINFORMED.

  31. Elaine Gunderson

    Seen a couple of your papers and they were excellent. Just wish others could see the truth. Thanks for your honesty.

  32. A Paterson

    Stop delivering your nonsense to people who don’t ask for it.
    If I want a conspiracy theory loving right wing rag of a newspaper, I’ll ask for it.

  33. Disappointed Canadian

    Just a bunch of nonsense! I wish I wouldn’t of wasted my money! The news you put out is worse then the lame stream media! Not real news you put out! Just your opinions! I am looking for facts!

  34. Michael Szirtes

    Finally, a place to go, to get close to the truth. It has been the most frustrating 2 years always wondering whom in Ontario or in Canada I can believe, where to go to get the truth. Finally, Druthers is taking up the challenge to fill this vacuum; and I am glad. Knowing what is actually happening, without bias, actually relieves the stress we live under; just knowing the truth helps very much to know that there is nothing wrong with you, that you are sane and not living hypnotized by the media. You sense that there is something wrong, you live with the resulting cognitive dissonance, but you just can’t put your finger on it. I believe Druthers are making a great contribution towards recovering and maintaining our sanity in the sea of lies and misguided hypnotized majority we are living with. There may be something to the “Mass Formation” theory after all. Problem is, our government may make Druthers drink Hemlock, like Socrates did, who spoke the truth. I can see the danger; a parallel, in that Druthers will be accused of refusing to recognize the gods recognized by Justin Trudeau: “Socrates was accused of “refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state” and of “corrupting the youth.” But I digress. The one reason I did not give 5 stars is that I have to wait a month to get the news by which time its stale; I would have liked fresh news, more often. That ends my review.

  35. Crystal

    Wow! Actual news with Actual truth. Highly recommend. MSM is DEAD and have proven time and time again to be nothing but liars. They are puppets to the Elite. Paid off mostly with our money to lie to our faces. Thanks DRUTHERS for having a backbone.

  36. Lynn

    Is it possible to subscribe for an online version only?

  37. Morgain Scott

    I have to subscribe to this! After being a resident of Ottawa my whole life and knowing that I want Autonomy when I become a Nurse please continue to give non government paid and published information.

  38. Walter King

    Great news allowing freedom of speech and thought.

  39. yan

    the paper for conspiracy theory believers

  40. Jimmy Rockford

    I guess this paper is dead now ? I havent seen any new editions since November and it looks like they were nowhere near reaching their funding goal of $35000 for February, so a March paper isn’t going to happen either. I guess with restrictions loosening , this kind of reporting isn’t going to be relevant for much longer anyway.Oh well, it was “interesting” while it lasted

  41. Lynn OFarrell

    Honest and balanced reporting!

  42. Vic (verified owner)

    Keep up the good reporting

  43. Mike Maier

    Thank GOD I have found you, this is real journalism!

  44. Charles Robert

    Of course your reporting is a breath of fresh air, but it is still only “milk” for a new-born babe compared to the real evil and corruption out there in Ottawa, London, Rome, Washington and the other centers of evil in each village, city, state or province and nation of the world.

    We face technocratic authoritarianism leaning to totalitarianism rising on every side with the extermination of most of the people of the world as their endgame because we “use up their food and resources”, with us being allegedly the “useless eaters” (as Henry Kissinger coined and a multitude of his acolytes have echoed) that they claim that we are.

    These are not just nihilistic psycho-paths that we contend with but the actual principalities in high places arrayed under the Arch-Demon Satan contending to destroy all of Our Creator’s children or warp them into a corporation-owned snake-DNAed hybrid product devoid of individuality, creativity and our fading spark of divinity as His children, and then selling us to the highest bidder. With each bite of GMO crap and communist propaganda our beloved kinsmen blindly consume, they mutate, slipping into Circe’s herd of swine, forever lost to God and freedom and responsibility.

    So let us enjoy our milk and cookies while we have them but we must endeavor to graduate to the “Meat” not just of the Word but also that of the threat that is truly before us. In just two years a huge chunk of our siblings have become functionally sterile and programmed like a chip, blind to their hurt. We must stop this genocide and find how to reverse the damage. The real battle of good and evil is not the facade paraded before us on the nightly news or even the bible and conspiracy sites but is the indemic literal corruption of even the things you thought were good and holy.

    If this newspaper can just get you started on thinking with critical reasoning, reflection leading to wisdom, it will be the primer for your return to self-reliance and edifying restoration of your stature as the Creator’s maturing Tree of Life.

  45. Mel Reslor (verified owner)

    The April issue has the best article I’ve read in Druthers, or any other hardcopy – about Tanzania and the 50 million in that country. Tanzania is the best group to verify pandemic measures (lockdown, masks, covid vaccine (mRNA) shots) as nearly all the people of Tanzania have opted out of the medical experiment/government intervention of the pandemic (for scientific studies, they would be the control group).
    Even establishment counts on the pandemic such as World O Meters can back up Tanzania as having one of the best outcomes in the world.
    Dr. John Magufuli was the president of Tanzania and led the way until his mysterious death in March 2021.

  46. Kole knock

    Your stupid paper cut me!
    I was minding my own business as usual when out of nowhere your paper cut me! I find this offensive as a white individual whi is privileged enough not to get cut but alas here I am with a flesh wound

  47. Kole knock


  48. Sharie Dumoulin

    Love it. Have known about it since it’s inception. Would like to find a way to pick up 200 copies to deliver in my neighbourhood as people are suffering radiation sickness from the recent upgrade to the telecommunications towers on our roof. At least one was taken out by ambulance. Pets are sick and vomiting along with people, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, tinnitus and skin itch. If you see this post, please respond as I can’t afford a subscription, due to the fact that medical harassment left me with no other choice than Disability, and living in a low income building with seniors and other people suffering disabilities, the majority brought on by gov’t.

  49. Doug Stanhope

    I expect this paper will not mention or “fight for the freedom” of the CUPE workers since it is a Conservative governments decision and you guys only cry about Trudeaus decisions , right?

  50. Ron MacLean

    Keep up the good work! You are a vital voice in the wilderness.

  51. Rick Haggett

    A great paper if you can find it. One person told me it was easy to find. I said really? Where are they hiding it? I visit many stores a day and never see. Been on the phone with a rep and my 2nd phone call was not returned but the first one was. Called back left a message never heard back again. I guess it’s up to me to phone the rep yet again. I have sent 3 emails and got a reply and followed through with that to a dead end. I now sit here with 5 envelopes ready to mail to friends out of province but can’t do that until I find the papers. Once you pick this paper up you cannot put it down. I prefer to read the paper rather than online. So now I continue to do research as to where I can find the paper that does research on the truth. I was offered home delivery but don’t know what happened to that?

  52. Mabe

    Finally, real and honest news!! Keep up the great work👍. Tired of all the lies and things that are being kept from us by the mainstream media. It’s hard to believe what’s actually happening around us, very scary👀, God gave us natural immunity, provided us with earth and all the good stuff so that we can thrive, who would ever thought some greedy people would want to control what our creator has given us. So much evil in this world, very, very scary. But I know at the end, people will meet our creator.🙏

  53. PeggyWhyte


  54. Simon Peter

    Tuesday November 15th 2022

    Kindly send me a copy of “80 Canadian MD’s VAXXED and Dead.

    It is a worthwhile counsel to all loving health enthusiastes both physicians and the public clientele.

    WhatsApp 4165697940


  55. Chantal Klein (verified owner)

    Canadians seeking truth, this is the News you need! Not fake mainstream media that is lying daily about everything!! Best paper in Canada! Support by donation, subscription or volunteer to hand out in your local neighborhood!

  56. Robin Burnett-Klyzub (verified owner)

    Just ordered my monthly subscription! Looking forward to some real news! Thank you Druthers crew for fighting and sharing the truth!

  57. Giuseppe Romanelli (verified owner)

    This is some of the most accurate reporting in the country.I know because I work in the industry.Before Druthers came along thete were scarce reports in print.To those commenting here saying this is all conspiracy theory and misinformation,what do you think of bill C-11?or the firearms ban now?Surely some of the left wing marxists own rifles that are now banned and obtained legally.Your illustrious liberal government wouldn’t be in power if not for the traitor it’s NDP.Bringing the whole ruling class into question?Absolutely questionable A.Paterson Jimmy Rockford et Al they are coming for EVERYONE!you and all the left will be included in the destruction of our constitutional freedoms and the god given rights if an individual.One of those rights that may disappear is your right to say what you want right here in the Druthers comments .Get it?probably not

  58. Susan Miles

    We must finance the future we want to have. This free speech publication reflects mine.

  59. Jean Yardley

    Keep up the good work. Keep free speech alive in Canada.

  60. Bella

    this paper needs to be in the hands of every canadian!!!

  61. JM

    Just found this, I’m going to subscribe.
    Hope we can save Canada.!

  62. K

    Stupidest piece of shit I’ve ever seen! Quit putting it in our mail box. Fucking nutcases!

  63. Lynda Schenk

    Real information

  64. Marvin Gross

    Looks legit news

  65. Lori MacDuff

    When I read the article in Issue #23 of the Free Druthers paper that came to my house in Kitchener, Ontario, called “A Message, To The Unvaccinated” It made my heart jump to be called a Hero born among ordinary men. Even though I’m a Woman I got the point. It was a tough time for me standing true to be an Unvaxed 65 year old Woman who had Dr’s and family coming at me left right & center. Thanks for putting it in, along with all the other great articles. PS: In the end of the Pandemic, so glad I listened to the voice of God, telling me not to get Vaccinated. Now I know why! 💜

  66. Carole Tokaruk (verified owner)

    I would like to see an article about excess deaths in Canada and the world..Also on adverse reactions.

  67. Mee

    Thank you so much for your knowledge and TRUTH FINALLY out there!!!
    We need to stand as one…BRAVO DRUTHERS BRAVO!!

  68. J Smith

    This appeared in my mailbox today. I did not subscribe. The picture on one of the articles terrified my child. I do not want to see this publication again.

  69. Joe

    I notice there are very few lame stream media lovers on here giving out 1 star, one guy even said these were not facts, like he thinks mainstream has facts, mainstream has lies and control, and plenty of it. Druthers has the power to make people think for themselves, not let TV think for them…and as for those thinking it is conspiracy, look at how many of those came to fruition. Those that believe this to be a conspiracy rag cannot really think for themselves.

  70. Lloyd

    very informative

  71. Isaac

    I like reading the news that people put in it keep up the good work

  72. Gerard Dohey

    If our Prime minister is not removed he is going to drive this country so far down in the hole we will never get out,another $35 million cash plus weapons to fight the Russians,my heart feels for their country but what about us,so many people hurting in our country.Its enough,take care of our own.Love your paper,keep up the great work,will pass it on to family and friends.


    we need more news like this in this world…good job

  74. Lisa Pawz

    Issue #31 June 23 is amazing. I love getting my Druthers News in my mailbox. Now that Tru-dope’s Bill C18 has passed this paper is all the more important! Keep it coming!

  75. Carole Tokaruk (verified owner)

    I need to get people to donate to the paper, especially those who get e free issue from me each month and could afford to donate once in awhile. How to motivate them ?

  76. john

    just what we need 5 star

  77. Colleen Watkins

    Great newspaper! Tells the truth after good research and real facts, not like the bought and paid for media, who tell you what they want you to know, but not rest of the story.Who needs conspiracy theories! All you have to do is look at all the new laws prohibiting freedom of speach and conscience. You have to know when your government wants to end our oil and gas and leave us to freeze, over climate change! What a conspiracy reality that is! The sky is falling, help!! The sky is falling! Give us your money, and we will give it to promote abortions in every country and every other distorted cause they can think up to bring this once great country to it’s knees and worship the U.N. and its coming One World Government.

  78. Bob Martin

    I supply from Druthers on the West Coast from the start of the PLADEMIC thanKs to all DRUTHERS WARRIORS WE WILL NEVER GIVE IN OR UP. SHARE MY STORY

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