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One Truth Will Save Our World. A Truth Who’s Time Has Come.

This may be the most important communication you will ever read, for every man and woman reading these words will be given what has always been hidden from the depths of your heart, mind and soul, in order for you to be truly free and independent. Our consciousness worldwide is under massive attack and on such a scale that without this truth, we will see all we love and hold so dear in this world destroyed, which includes God’s creation (man).

This is not some game or some conspiracy theory, these are concrete facts that the people of this world were never given. The spirit of our fellow man knew something was very wrong and today, for the first time for many of you reading this, you will be given the truth which was hidden by design. You will be providing the light and way forward honourably, lawfully and powerfully to fight the evil we all see occurring on a massive scale.

Right now people worldwide are under attack regardless of race, colour and religion because foundational knowledge has been kept hidden, but no more. With this truth, we can take down the evil that is using a global lie (this pandemic), as the point of its spear. “When truth is present, very few words are required.” So I will keep this simple for my fellow man to understand… everything we hold dear will be destroyed if “we the people”, do not WAKE UP and act now!

I have spent 20 years preparing for this moment in order to ensure others may find the courage and strength to awaken and see the way forward. I speak now especially to my fellow men and women in the military, law enforcement and frontline responders: we have never needed all of you awake more than we do now. You took an oath to protect and serve your fellow man and woman, and this is your moment in history. A small window exists to awaken and realize professionally that you all have been lied to. That alone should give you the internal strength to face this ignorance and evil that has compromised your oaths and much more.

Now we the people see who the enemy is, and ignorance is the first one. No longer can it be the foundation to manipulate your heart, mind and soul at this crucial time. Here and now is where it ends. The required worldwide response must be executed to the fullest extent, for this evil will not go down without a fight. This moment before us is of biblical proportions. However, before we can run we must learn to walk and not put the “cart before the horse”.

The first truth that is hidden: LEGAL applies only to that which is incorporated. The term “LAWFUL” applies to that which is unincorporated, meaning a man or woman or people as born. Person[s] is a trick word; we are not born a legal person and this has been fooled into the consciousness of man.

Now this requires us all to first understand that when we are born in hospital, while lying in a crib, your mother and father are filling out paperwork. The staff are not aware of what is being done or created either, which is a horrific trespass of an “unlawful conversion” (a legal person is created.) When we are born we have no knowledge of this act and have given no consent to what is being done. The evidence of this trespass is the “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”, which your parents received and gave to you when older, which we foolishly use as ID when buying a home, land, car, (property). There is so much we are not told, please learn more online at for foundational knowledge videos.

The law this country was founded on, comes to us from our creator. It is common law: the unwritten law between man as we walk this earth with unalienable rights. We are born free and we are all equal under the law given by God, our creator. Only a contract or consent establishes a law between a man or woman, period; otherwise no man or woman can trespass, cause wrong or harm. This law is very simple; 1) We can’t claim a man or woman as property, without consent or contract 2) We can’t administrate a man or woman as property, without consent or contract and 3) We can’t administrate property without right, without consent or contract

In addition, our public courthouses are corrupt to the core because this knowledge is being hidden. They are operating under massive constructive fraud by a private society (BAR), whose courts are inferior to the Supremacy of God, the law of this land. We the people did NOT create a legal person, nor did we consent to it. So who did? Well it’s the Queen, the Central Bankers and Pope who created these corrupt service corporations worldwide that masquerade as our “Governments” (ONTARIO, CANADA etc.)

We have corrupt people (employees) at the top of these service corporations worldwide ordering us to wear masks, shut businesses down, face massive fines (extortion), or threaten us with jail (kidnapping), and soon the ultimate… forced vaccinations. Only common law can stop this evil from continuing. Our verbal consent or a contract must exist (which it does not) for people (employees), acting for a service corporation (Trudeau, Doug Ford etc.), to administer property without right.

I began months ago to expose this massive corruption, powerfully, worldwide. This has been executed with the ‘Sekulovski Court’ in Milton, Ontario established September 12, 2020 which is now under massive attack by multiple BAR members (judges/lawyers). They cannot allow this truth to be known or that they produced no verifiable evidence to which the BAR relies on for control. THE RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE DO NOT APPLY to a man or woman (people).

For over 100 years these “rules” created by people from a private society which we have no contract with nor given any consent to, are used to block us from accessing our public courthouses correctly under common law, and we are forced into a LEGAL jurisdiction without right.

I also established “Parhar Court” in BC on November 13, 2020, which is under attack by BAR members using the same corruption. In that province it is called “Supreme Court Civil Rules” and again, not one BAR member has produced the required evidence.

A maxim in law: “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. BAR members are in trouble and they know it. Further the people acting as “Judge/Justices” are public servants and as such, have no jurisdiction over any man or woman, as their oath is to protect the property of man. Instead it is their society they protect.

We the people now have the evidence that this private society has been causing enormous wrong and harm for decades. We are being lied to now on another colossal level (Covid 19/Pandemic) where the elderly are being terrorized & murdered right before our eyes, because truth is being blocked. Thousands of doctors are trying to stop these lies which are destroying our world. Genocide is occurring from the “covid lie” and the police must wake up. These truths must get to the masses so all frontline responders and the public can come together, shoulder to shoulder, and enter our public courthouses to restore common law while removing this BAR control.

My live streams began August 6th 2020 and now every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 8pm have collectively exposed massive truth and corruption. Together will stop this evil and be a light to this world, right now. We so desperately need to see the way forward, simply and powerfully, saving mankind lawfully, peacefully and with love.

God Speed
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