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No Mask, No Voice! Canadian Nurse Speaks Up To Protect Our Children

One year ago, we gathered for birthdays, traveled freely, and sent our kids to school without hesitation. We entered stores, smiling at other customers without fear or judgment. We grieved with family and friends at funerals; we laughed and celebrated with them at weddings. We visited friends when they had babies and enjoyed birthday parties for our kids and those we loved. What has been taken from us in such a short period of time is unimaginable. What we have allowed to be taken is our responsibility to amend.

If complying and being patient worked, we would have our freedom back already. When we were promised ​only t​wo weeks to flatten the curve, as Canadians, so many believed it and gave their trust. Because that is what Canadians do, we believe in and hope for the best and we don’t assume that we are being violated by pharmaceutical companies and the government. This trust has been betrayed. Today, we are in the eleventh month of this monumental erosion of our long term freedoms.

I can stand here and tell you about the flawed PCR tests and empty hospitals, that the case numbers are meaningless, and that the government has never cared about your health; but today is about empowerment, today is about realizing our true power and potential without waiting for someone to come and save us. It is now time for us to redefine what it means to be a Canadian and take bold action to save the future of our country.

My name is Kristen Nagle. I am a nurse and holistic nutritionist, but I am a mother first. I cannot stand idly by while this abuse is happening to our country and our children: the next generation of Canadians. They are trying to silence our voices and the voices of our children.

No Mask! No Voice! Is the message being taught to our children in schools. They are told to eat their lunch in silence. Dehumanization is starting at birth as parents are told to wear masks during labor and when in contact with their own baby. Mothers are told to wash their skin prior to breastfeeding. What message does this send? We are dirty? Our own children can be harmed by our touch? When a baby is born, now they only see their masked mother’s face.

The still face experiment has proven the devastating psychological damages this has on babies. Without seeing facial expressions they are distraught, emotional, and fearful. They are scared of the very people that are meant to keep them safe, secure, and loved. We will not stand for this. Our children will not be silenced. We will not be silenced.

They can take our jobs and try to take away our professional licences but they cannot take the truth. That is what unites us, that is what continues to give us strength to rise up and resist. We have lost connection with ourselves, each other and the divine, God. Even the masks we are told to wear stop the very essence that keeps us alive and connected: breath.

We have been made into victims and disempowered. Taught from birth that our bodies are weak and that we need pharmaceutical injections to keep us strong. We’ve been told to ignore our intuition and our gut instincts. We have been taught to rely on someone else for the care of our health. We have been taught to fear our own bodies, our neighbours, and even the air we breathe.

True health and well-being are not found by someone else or in an injection, or even behind a mask. They are found from within us. You are the only person responsible for you. Nobody else is responsible for your health. It is yours and you must claim it and protect it.

This is the tipping point. It only takes 25% of a committed few that can influence the many and sweep away social conventions. A 25% minority is what is needed to change the status quo and succeed. We can do this by being relentless, by committing to new behaviours, by repeatedly demonstrating that new behaviour until others start to copy it.

All governments get their authority from the people and we have the power to be sovereign beings. Under our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we do not need the government’s permission, we need our own permission. The government is meant to be our public servant. They are not here to look out for us or have our best interest in mind. If they did, they wouldn’t be censoring those teaching about true health, vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc, nature, mindset, movement, real food touched by an unobstructed sun, and the importance of commitment and connection. They are not above us, nobody is above us. We create our reality, we create our rules, we create our future. It is time to come together to take back control. The new way forward will require us to build in person networks, prepare our families and our communities, to live sustainably and connected to the earth, to make brave choices, and to learn to be independent, sovereign beings.

We each have a responsibility to define a new way of living as Canadians, a better way. We are going back to the foundations of hard work, a strong in-person network, self sustainability, and resourcefulness. These challenges will not be easy and will come with great hardship. Things need to crumble and fall apart before we can create something new. I, for one, am excited for this process knowing the beauty of what we are capable of creating when we come together and stand united.

Never underestimate the significance of one person standing up for freedom and the ripple effects of your bravery. This is the time to stand up and be bold. To envision the future YOU want.

Kristen Nagel is a member of Frontline Nurses Canada, created to empower nurses against the lockdowns in order to unite, organize, educate & end these harmful measures. Educating the public on the truth