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Is There Already A World Government?

Within months of a pandemic being declared, virtually all governments throughout the world had agreed on an almost identical response. These are the same countries that over decades and centuries have failed to agree on religion, language, cuisine, currency or how best to run a football tournament.

At the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) annual meeting in Davos on January 24th 2020, Bill Gates’ ‘Coalition for epidemic preparedness and innovations’ held a press conference to announce a new partnership to develop vaccines for ‘covid-19’. At this stage, the number of confirmed worldwide cases was still in the hundreds. So this doesn’t look like a rapid response, it looks pre-emptive. But to what extent are Gates and others planning ahead to protect health worldwide, and to what extent are they actually inflating the idea of a pandemic, then sponsoring the media to paint it big and bad enough to bring the world to its knees, and then miraculously have the cure rolling out within months to save us all? It all looks a little… manufactured.

The pandemic was declared by the WHO on the 11th March 2020 and within months a cast of characters including Biden, Trudeau, Johnson and even Prince Charles were talking about a ‘Great Reset’. By the end of the year, Xi Jinping was on the bandwagon. How could leaders of so many diverse countries and organisations agree on a plan, have it written up, cross-checked and rolled out in such a short time? Unless this plan was waiting in the wings, for just such an excuse as aworldwide pandemic? It would take a deeply cynical person to suggest that  the disease might have been deliberately released; but the UK and US going to war with Iraq on the pretext of WMDs when there were none dented my trust in governments, and the use of depleted Uranium, Napalm and Agent Orange shows that they have in the past done whatever it takes and to hell with the consequences. But, even if we give them the benefit of doubt and say this was a naturally occurring disease then the reaction has been so massive as to suggest there is a bigger, hidden agenda.

Most people have great respect for the Gates’ and Bezos’ of the world. Where would we be without computers and home delivery after all? The WEF  surely mean well, but it is important to stress they are not elected. We pride ourselves on our democracy but these people are not in any way accountable. The CEOs of the world’s richest companies who all get a seat at the table didn’t get where they are because they are kind, caring and considerate. The only way for these companies to get a seat at next year’s WEF is for them to remain amongst the most profitable in the world. There are no prizes for compassion and compromise. Imagine a company that had seen through the enfolding plandemic and resisted the lockdown rules in order to keep their services available, where would they be now? But those companies that rush the vaccine through make billions, getting the laws changed along the way so that they are never held responsible for any side-effects including deaths of which there have been thousands. At an average of $20 per shot, 2 doses per person and the aim of corralling all 7.8 billion inhabitants of the world; that’s $340 billion. And those pesky variants could mean another $340,000,000,000 each next year.

We have seen the White House change hands and it not make the slightest difference to the WEF control and the same would undoubtedly be true if Labour were to be elected here. It has crept up on us but the WEF, WHO and IMF now appear to control the governments and the world’s nations, and not the other way around.

It has been only 30 years since the launch of personal computers and the World Wide Web. So much has changed in that time and it seems that the rate of change will accelerate further and faster with the rise of artificial intelligence, the digitalisation of money, satellite surveillance, the internet of everything and genetically modified crops, animals and humans. The danger is that right now, the satellites are already being launched, the banks are preparing for a cashless society and factories and vehicles are being converted to be run by machines not humans. And the question is…has anyone asked you if that’s what you want?

If, as looks very likely, we the 99% lose control, it is unlikely we will ever get it back. We may continue to line up to cast our vote, but we will be doing little more than choosing a different coloured rosette each time.

Everyone on earth is aware that the system we live under is potentially just and fair for all, that those who govern can work to ensure our well- being. We simply have to demand that we are given our say on our future, and insist that we have a say in the big decisions that will affect us all.

The simplest thing we can do is to talk. Talk to friends and relatives, calmly, intelligently and persistently. To encourage them to watch and listen to some of the excellent films and podcasts made by some very smart dissenters. If we can spread the information, change some minds then mass noncompliance too big to be ignored becomes possible. By joining in and speaking out, then whatever future we face, we will be able to say that at least we fought back.

Written by David Wilson.

Originally published in The Light newspaper June 2021: