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How Are COVID Deaths Being Counted In Canada?

788 that’s the number of people under 60 in Canada who died “with” COVID from the start of the “pandemic” up until Feb 12, 2021.

Last year the computer models assumed that the same COVID-19 death rate seen in Italy’s long term care homes would be the death rate for the general public. Somewhere between 7-12%. That puts estimates at somewhere between 300-600 million dead worldwide. Those were the estimates health authorities and politicians started to use to create COVID related public health policies. In anticipation of piles of dead bodies that may still be contagious and to speed up the process of recording these anticipated deaths, countries all around the world changed the way deaths are recorded, and the way dead bodies are handled. Instead of autopsies actually being performed, anyone who was even merely suspected of having COVID when they died, was to be counted as a COVID death.

Definition of a COVID death in Quebec: “Even if they die from cancer or another disease if they’ve got COVID-19 they’re gonna be counted as COVID-19.” – Horatio Arruda, Quebec Health Minister

Definition of COVID death in Ontario: “Deaths are included whether or not COVID-19 was determined to be a contributing or underlying cause of death.” – Ontario COVID information page that reports daily deaths and hospitalizations.

Definition of COVID death in Illinois: “Technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it’s still listed as a COVID death.” – Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Illinois Department of Public Health

Definition of a COVID death in the UK: “Deaths of people who have had a positive test result for COVID-19 and died within 28 days of the first positive test.” – UK government coronavirus data website.

In all these places, the majority of the deaths were elderly people in long term care homes, with other contributing or direct causes of death (comorbidity)The media never reports that though. The majority of working age people who tested positive for COVID will either remain asymptomatic, or have relatively mild symptoms and recover relatively quickly. Yet the fear instilled by the media is probably causing a lot of younger very low risk people to visit hospitals, now concerned they have COVID. They are sent home the same day and told they’re not really in danger, and to quarantine. Yet, they all count towards the daily COVID hospitalization numbers.

I’m tired of this charade. Frontline healthcare workers need to speak up. They’ve been treating mainly elderly patients brought to them from long term care homes this entire time. They need to speak up about the general ill health of these patients that’s often partly due to neglect. Yet, none of them speak up. None of them say anything about restrictions on the rest of society that make no sense because if they do, they could be “cancelled” by everyone who has been told lies and half truths over and over for almost a year now. Some who have bravely spoken out, have even lost their jobs. Meanwhile, millions of people are living under lockdowns and curfews. Thousands and thousands of businesses are closing. People are losing their jobs, businesses and homes. And all the while, people get mad at others who talk about the truth and accuse them of being conspiracy theorists and dangers to public health.

By this point, if you’re not asking questions and having doubts about the official story, I think you’re the one who might be a danger to public health. I think you might be a danger to the concept of a free country and democracy. Lockdowns are harming people. Point fingers where they should be pointed – at politicians and health experts who made terrible mistakes and won’t admit them. Instead they spend millions on advertising, reminding you to call the cops if your neighbours have a gathering. And they make you think they’re doing it to help struggling small newspapers and radio stations who lost ad dollars because half their normal ad clients are “non-essential.” I’m tired of being called “non-essential.”

By Adam Millward
Adam is the owner and artist of