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Hacking Of The Human Mind: “They” Vs “Us”

Can you hear their laughter? Can you? It comes from over there on the other side of the darkened glass wall…a wall that ‘they’ erected. This wall separates us, the natural citizens of Earth from ‘they’ who live over there. Listen! Can you hear it? Their laughter is sinister. We, over here on this side of the wall abide by the rules…rules they have made. We are the human beings who live on the same planet as they, yet on unequal ground. Our ground is lower but somehow we do not clearly see this because most of us have been dumbed-down since birth…had our minds played with. They on the other side have convinced us that we are free, but we are actually their slaves. We believe we need them. We work for them and give them our trust. In return, they give us just enough so that we think we can live well and feel safe. But they have more, much more of Earth’s bounties. They have the best. They own it all. They own us. They laugh at all this. We don’t acknowledge the unhealthy power they hold over us. Instead we obey them. By obeying, we give them more power. They laugh at our ignorance. They laugh at us all. Can you hear them on the other side of the wall? They who hold the controls to our lives are all laughing. They tell us what we should do for our own safety and well-being. And we do it. They tell us by way of television what we need in order to enhance our lives. And we believe it. They tell us what to eat and then they laugh when we eat it. They know their food will harm us. This is what they want…to harm us. They laugh when we take their healing products…their medicines, because they know these drugs will make our bodies sicker. They laugh when they offer us mind-altering substances for our pleasure because they know these substances will soon deaden our spirits. They want us dead. They poison our water in the name of health. They poison our food in the name of feeding more people. They poison our soil in the name of agriculture. They poison our atmosphere with chemicals and tell us we are mad when we mention it. They poison our planet with technology all in the name of progress. They build communication towers for the technical advancement of the human race knowing full well their alternative motives are for a control agenda. They create laws which they say benefit us over here on this side, but in reality these laws are made to protect them. They blame us, the citizens, for all of Earth’s destruction by telling us that it is we who have demanded their products. They intentionally flaunt us with their advertisements convincing us that we demand their supplies. And we fall for it…we buy it. They laugh really hard at this. They have secrets stockpiled in the earth, bounties and safety measures for themselves, but not for us. We citizens here on the other side don’t have the same things. If we dare complain they create “special” circumstances so that we will fight amongst ourselves. They observe us fighting and they laugh at this. And then they blame us for any disastrous outcome. They step in to control us when we get out of hand. It’s a game to them. They need something to do and so they tease us. They create a money system. They tell us how much we can earn before they take most of it from us. They fill their coffers with our dollars. They laugh at us for this because they know that we have no power to fight them. They know that we will complain perhaps just a little, but then we will simply carry on as their slaves. They lead us to believe that we are free. They lead us to believe that our best interest is in their hands. They laugh because we let them lead us. They laugh because they set up our system to be dependent upon them and we fall for it. We give them their power each and every day. They keep changing the laws and the rules ever so subtly and we keep obeying. Their laws and rules are almost impossible to challenge. We can no longer think for ourselves. They know this and they laugh at their brilliance. They believe their plan is working and they have much more in store for us. They laugh because they think they now control the cosmos. They laugh because they know they keep cosmic secrets to themselves. They tell us little, or nothing at all about their discoveries. They no longer care about the Earth for they now have their sights set on the entire Universe. They are becoming higher and higher on their plateau, the platform they originally had planned…the one we helped them build. And we the citizens are sinking down lower and lower into the abyss. We can no longer see. Our light is slowly diminishing. And because we are not dead yet, because we are still hard to kill, they infect us with fear. They infect us with a virus. They laugh when we hide from the disease…when we hide from our own families. They laugh when they take away our jobs. They laugh because we have become dependent upon them for our livelihood. We think we need them to tell us what to do. They, on the other side of the dark glass wall, laugh a most sinister laugh. Can you hear it? They laugh so hard because they think we can do nothing to stop them. They think we are too afraid and too dumb to do anything. They have deliberately made us sick. They make us believe that we will all eventually become sicker. They create an injection; a vaccine they tell us will save us. They enforce more poison upon us. Their egos boast at the creation of this…their newest and perhaps final weapon. They know we will accept their injection for fear of our own lives. And we do …most of us. They know we will behave like sheep, led by their command, and run to them to be poisoned. They know they own the means to shut us down, to close our communications, to stop us from fighting back or from talking to each other. They are close to killing us. They think we no longer have any power to fight back or intelligence to care. They continue to watch us to see what we will do, to see how we will react. They know that whenever they implant an idea, whether good or bad, we the citizens will put their idea to action all on our own. They watch from behind their dark wall as we obediently march on completing their sinister deeds for them. They laugh so hard at this…at how easy it is to manipulate us. They see that we are a disconnected species. And now, to finish their plan, they need just a little more time. They need more time to enforce their greatest and final chaos upon the citizens of Earth in order to bring us completely down. They plan to reset our planet and to eliminate most of us. And we the citizens have unconsciously aided them since the beginning of time. But TIME is ticking…TICK-TOCK…TICK-TOCK…TICK-TOCK!

At this moment in history the cosmic clock has made its final gong! A galactic resonance has signaled a mass planetary awakening, a consciousness revolution…the un-hacking of the human mind. The galactic timer sounds its urgent momentum creating a vibration that will not be stopped. Time is slowly shifting allowing the other side to rise up in Light. Those awakened and who seek justice will lead the citizens to truth. They are realizing they have the ability to quench the darkness that currently hovers over this sovereign planet. They know that cosmic help is here. Soon the wall will crumble and Light will replace the darkness. But the Light may be unfamiliar to some, for it will shine from the inside out. This new Light, if allowed, will expand the innate abilities each human naturally possesses. It will bring to life a new way of existing that has not been understood before. The galactic plan is that “they” will no longer rule “us.” But can the citizens shine enough inner light to do this? Only time will tell. Listen… can you still hear the laughter?

Written By: Beverley Dujay-Macdonald