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Educators For Human Rights

Educators For Human Rights (EFHR) is a growing group of educators from across Ontario, who have come together to raise concerns about the harms of the measures imposed in our schools, and the infringement on basic human rights. As current and retired educators, our mission is to: 

Uphold our duty of care and protect the inherent human rights of students, families, and educators.

Defend the right of every child to quality in-person public education, free from all forms of discrimination.

Put students first. Lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, physical distancing, chemical sanitizers and messages of fear harm children.

Let children be children in a safe and inclusive environment that balances their physical and mental health.

Respect each individual’s bodily integrity and freedom of choice when it comes to health and medical intervention. 

On May 6, EFHR representatives participated in a press conference at which constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati publicly announced his upcoming legal action defending the rights of children, and challenging the constitutionality of the draconian measures in schools. A Notice of Application was filed on April 20, 2021, against the government of Ontario and various school boards and public health officers. If the application is successful, any order the court gives would apply across the province.  EFHR are named as joint applicants in the case, along with Children’s Health Defense Canada and 18 children (represented by their litigation guardians). The Notice of Application can be viewed on the website, where donations in support of the legal fund can be made by clicking on the SCHOOL ACTION button.

Two days later, on May 8, EFHR held a peaceful assembly on the lawn of Queen’s Park in Toronto. Hundreds gathered to hear speeches from teachers, parents and students. In addition, representatives from Global Frontline Nurses, Police on Guard for Thee, Save Our Youth, as well as an Ontario pastor, all attended and spoke about the impact the current situation is having on our children. Thank you to all those who came out to support that day, or who viewed the livestream. 

Similar groups of educators are organizing and mobilizing in other provinces as well. EFHR has been coordinating with leadership from BC Educators For Human Rights to share strategy, resources and messaging as they build their platforms and grow their membership. It is often said that with rights, comes responsibility. As educators, we believe that protecting human rights IS our responsibility. 

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