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An Open Letter To All Canadian Politicians

I am writing this open letter to you, our politicians, with hope that you will read it by mistake in this newspaper, as the ones that are sent to your workplace are left without answers.

The last time we, the people, heard from you was around election time when flyers about you were left around the neighbourhoods and the phones were full of your messages begging for our votes. Do you remember? Because we do.

You, the ones who begged for our votes, how much do you really care about us, the people, who put you in your political positions? How much do you really care about how much harm you can cause by overreaching in people’s lives?

I would like to remind you that we, the people, are adults who have the ability to make good decisions regarding our health and lifestyle and we are disappointed that you, our politicians, are treating us like children these days. Please remember that you asked for our votes, but are not reaching out to see what those people are doing after a long year of rules and regulations thrown weekly at us.

None of you missed any paychecks but we the people did. None of you had empty bank accounts and had to go to the food bank to feed your families, none of you lost your business, never able to reopen again. On the contrary you take vacations when we had orders to stay home.

Please do not tell us that we are in this together. When you go through what we, the people, are going through, then and only then, you can say that.

Please make a phone call to the ones you phone for the votes, and talk to them to hear if your decisions help them or hurt them. Please remember your job is to work for us not to hurt us. It’s because of us, the people, that you are in that position. Look deep in your soul and ask yourself: what are your values and morals? Before you decide what is good for us, the people, ask yourself how much do you really care about us, and if the role was reversed, how would you feel about it?

Please remember, when you vote in Parliament, have in mind your children’s future and your grandchildren’s future. Please remember above all, we the people, will remember your courage for standing for what is right because the future depends on what all of us do today.

A concerned person who had voted for you, and I will remember.

Anna C.