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A Pandemic Of FRAUD | by Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada

COVID-19 is described by public health officials, politicians, and the media as a “deadly” condition. As a consequence the majority of the public have a distorted understanding of the level of risk posed by COVID-19, causing unwarranted fear and panic. The World Health Organization (WHO) issued directives to physicians globally to designate all individuals who die and subsequently test positive for COVID-19 as a “COVID-19 death” regardless of the presence of other obvious causes of death. This practice, which is unprecedented in medicine, fraudulently inflates the mortality data. Announcing COVID-19 mortality data without providing any context is misleading. The public is not being given appropriate information to draw their own conclusions about the level of risk posed by COVID-19. Those responsible for the narrative rarely acknowledge that COVID-19 does not affect everyone equally. This means that factors other than the presence of a virus are involved in causing disease and mortality.

There is no substantive evidence to support the contention that people who never develop symptoms can transmit COVID-19, yet this belief is the justification for imposing measures such as face coverings, physical distancing and lockdowns.


The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process currently used to diagnose COVID-19 was not designed, nor intended, to diagnose disease. PCR results can be manipulated to increase the likelihood of a “positive” outcome simply by increasing the number of amplification cycles. There is no standardized number of amplification cycles, nor is the number of cycles disclosed with test results. This lack of standardization and transparency increases the potential for fraud. The number of amplification cycles commonly used in Canada is 35 to 45 cycles. It is recognized that when the number of cycles exceeds 35, the accuracy of the PCR process is less than 3%.

Designating a positive PCR result as a “COVID-19 case”, irrespective of other diagnostic criteria, fraudulently inflates COVID-19 case numbers. Never before has the term “case” been applied so recklessly in medicine. Fraudulent case numbers are used to induce fearful compliance with restrictive measures. The PCR testing generates significant profit for the pharmaceutical industry. This is profiting from fraud.

Masking FRAUD

Canadians are subjected to masking mandates even though there is a lack of scientific evidence for mask wearing in the community setting. A review published in “Emerging Infectious Diseases” found no evidence to support universal mask wearing as a protective measure to reduce illness. A scientific review which focused on randomized controlled studies found that universal mask wearing did not reduce influenza-like illness. Denis Rancourt PhD conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature related to the use of face coverings for the Ontario Civil Liberties Association concluding: “No randomized clinical trial with verified outcome shows a benefit for community members to wearing a mask. There is no such study. There are no exceptions.”

There’s also evidence of risks associated with prolonged cloth mask usage. For example, a study published in the “British Medical Journal” in 2015 found that risk of infection in hospital workers using cloth masks were 3 times higher when compared to not wearing masks at all. A CDC analysis revealed that 85% of patients testing positive for COVID-19 wore face masks “often” or “always” in the two weeks preceding their positive test.

Treatment of COVID-19 FRAUD

Current widespread lockdown measures, which include placing healthy people under quarantine, have never before been implemented in over 100 years of public health policy.

The medical industry, public health and the mainstream media promote the false narrative that vaccines are the only viable approach to the management and prevention of COVID-19. Treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin, drugs that have been used safely for decades, are now deemed unsafe while the injection of never before used synthetic pathogens and genetic technology, with unknown short and long-term impacts, is deemed to be safe. The beneficial impact of vitamins C and D, zinc, and the antibiotic Azithromycin in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 is rarely acknowledged by Canadian health officials. Country-by-country data shows that easy access to HCQ is strongly linked to lower COVID-19 mortality. In spite of this, Canadians are denied access to HCQ and Ivermectin.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have not been granted final approval. These products have been given “interim approval” only during a declared state of emergency. Governments appear unwilling to remove the state of emergency or acknowledge other effective treatments as this would negate the legality of using these unapproved products.

COVID-19 Vaccine FRAUD

The Pfizer and Moderna products do not function as a typical vaccine. They involve the injection of synthetic (man-made) pathogens and genetic technology. These products are technically a “medical device”. These medical devices have been declared “safe” even though Phase IV safety trials have not been completed. The results of these human trials will not be available until 2023. These medical devices have been declared “effective” even though manufacturers have not demonstrated that their product prevents infection or transmission, nor whether the device will result in a reduction in severe illness, hospitalization or death. These medical devices contain never before used mRNA/DNA technology. The long-term impact is unknown. Those receiving these medical devices are test subjects in an experiment. Pregnant women are encouraged to take this medical device even though no testing has been conducted to prove the device is safe for the woman and her fetus.

Politicians state that a COVID-19 “vaccine” will not be mandatory. However, coercive measures are proposed to restrict access to services, government benefits, medical treatment, travel and employment for those who do not comply. This makes the vaccine effectively mandatory. Declarations that life will not return to normal without a COVID-19 “vaccine” are unconscionable marketing and fear mongering strategies that have no basis whatsoever in medical treatment.

COVID-19 Measures FRAUD

Big box businesses are allowed to remain open while small independent businesses are severely restricted or closed. Governments arbitrarily declare which businesses are essential and which are deemed to be non-essential. The public is permitted to fly in airplanes but prevented from attending church. Those who question the claims of the government and insist that measures be evidence-based are considered a danger to society. Information that challenges the COVID-19 narrative is censored regardless of merit, expertise or credentials. This censorship prevents open and honest debate, the hallmark of a democratic society. Censorship also undermines the scientific process.

No government has publicly announced their pandemic intervention plan including their target outcomes. The failure to declare the plan prevents citizens from holding their governments accountable. The catastrophic impact of COVID-19 measures on human health, the economy, and our way of life is not being calculated, nor reported to the public. There is no accountability, transparency or evidence to demonstrate that the benefits of current measures outweigh the risks. There is no evidence that restrictive measures such as face coverings, distancing, and lockdowns are effective in reducing rates of COVID-19 infection. There is abundant evidence these measures are harmful to individual and community health. COVID-19 measures violate the most fundamental rights of Canadians.

By Ted Kuntz
Ted is the President of Vaccine Choice Canada