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28 Ways to Restore Our Hearts and Souls (and Canada)

A list of 28 things you can do to help in this time of crises.

  1. Go local. Support your local businesses, community and relationships.
  2. Grow and stockpile food for your family and neighbours.
  3. Keep paper currency alive. Purchase with cash.
  4. Diversify your assets. Hold cash, precious metals, crypto, and goods that can be bartered.
  5. Refuse to comply with arbitrary and unscientific measures that have not been demonstrated to be safe, effective, and necessary.
  6. Refuse to comply with violations of Charter rights that have not been demonstrably justified.
  7. Discontinue use of cell phones that have tracking capacity.
  8. Only support those businesses that honour your Charter rights and freedoms.
  9. Turn off corporate and government controlled media.
  10. Support independence media.
  11. Share valuable information with family and friends.
  12. Get to know your elected representatives. Hold them accountable for their decisions.
  13. Support organizations that stand up for your rights and freedoms.
  14. Vote based on principles, not parties.
  15. Run for elected office and support like-minded candidates.
  16. Question everything.
  17. Insist on informed consent for any medical treatment.
  18. Refuse any products or treatments where manufacturers are not legally liable for injury or death caused by their products.
  19. Read the ingredients list, including in vaccines.
  20. Refuse to participate in medical discrimination.
  21. Refuse to participate in digital ID.
  22. Be vocal and visible with your values.
  23. Make decisions based on evidence and logic, not fear.
  24. Search for truth.
  25. Appreciate beauty, pursue goodness, and seek joy.
  26. Pray.
  27. Spread love.
  28. Be the change you want to see in the world.

By: Theodore Kuntz |