“I Love You Pass It On” Shirt – Supremely Soft & Comfy – Shipping Included


Everybody absolutely loves these shirts! Super soft and comfy (50% cotton / 50% polyester) unisex shirts with a message that draws so many warm reactions and interactions. These shirts provide such a simple way to boost your community with more vibes of love. Prices are in CAD and worldwide shipping is free.

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NOTE: ILOVEYOUPASSITON was a hobby project by the founder of DRUTHERS, Shawn Jason. When 2020 hit, the world changed and so did the Shawn’s intention and direction. DRUTHERS Newspaper became his main focus. Rather than managing both websites, he chose to make the ILOVEYOUPASSITON shirts, cards, stickers & love ambassador kits available here as they are a perfect fit with the purpose of DRUTHERS anyway.

Since 2016, 1000’s of people have become walking billboards of love with these shirts. Visit the iloveyoupassiton facebook group to see photos & videos the love shirts and cards in action from people all over the world!