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15 reviews for Get This Month’s Druthers Shipped Right To Your Door

  1. Paula Foot

    I read the Feb news and found it pretty balanced with no sign of the hate that critics have levelled at many associated with Druthers. I believe in freedom of choice, opinions from experts in the field, not anti any person, religion or race, and if Druthers supports those views, I will be happy to read and share.

  2. Bill Inger

    Good information

  3. Ronald Menard

    We need more Druthers!

  4. Kyle McGuffin

    I only want electronic version. Please let me know how I sign up for that.

    Thank you.

  5. Bill Travis

    Finally, great journalists speaking up, and telling it like it i, keep up the good work.

  6. Rob payne

    Great informative paper

  7. Colette OBrien

    Heard it’s very informative newspaper. Looking forward to reading

  8. Aura deWitt

    Hello I am so happy to read your paper today! Someone left it Hintonburg park I have been asking so many questions sending the cbc notes about being a propaganda mouth & not doing their jobs. How can govt call an MNRA shot safe when they are still experimental Why Bam the Canadian Covid therapeudic has been shelved while this BC drug is saving lives in the US
    Why crazy lockdowns in Ottawa when we have only 30 people in ICU in a city of over 1 million. How deadly are the variants? Why vaccinate children when they arent affected for the most part,
    You are asking the right questions. Keep it up.
    I like Ford but its been a year of fearmongering, the populus we have a state of ineptitude not a state of emergency. CONGRATULATIONS & THANKYOU!

  9. Ronald Menard

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Samantha Mclennan

    Excellent information. More than glad to share with others.

  11. Grahame Freeman

    Hopefully these papers will get the “Herd” thinking about what is happening to them, their
    families and friends in Canada.

  12. Martha O’toole

    Delivery to my house would be spectacular – we haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Your writing is concise and to the point. Comic freaking geniuses.

    Thanks tonnes – see you at the next klavern meeting!

  13. Joyce Hannah

    So happy to have discovered this paper!

  14. Andrew Simone

    The best actual news I read in years. It felt kinda weird reading it but, so relieving at the same time. Only because after years of the “news”, that’s so damn one sided and opinionated, reading this actually made sense. I’ve been writing in to the CBC asking them to do the news without their opinion and snide remarks and report both sides of the story. I don’t know how how they call themselves journalists.
    Anyway, GREAT PAPER-GREAT PAPER-GREAT PAPER!!!!!!! Thank you and I hope to see you on the tv one day.

  15. Janet Freeman

    Recieved 3 copies. Read one copy and distributed the rest. Hoping in my small town this will wake people up to truth..

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