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It’s never been easier to make a big difference in your neighbourhood with Druthers. Now you can have copies of Druthers newspapers delivered right to mailboxes in your neighbourhood and wake up your community more quickly. We make all the arrangements with the printer and with Canada Post, so all you need to do is place your order here, decide how many addresses you would like delivered to and which postal code area you would like them delivered around, and that’s it… we’ll take care of the rest.


**Please include your chosen postal code delivery area as a note during checkout
**If ordering for under 1200 neighbours, please read “note” in description



How much does it cost?

• Total cost is 39 cents per newspaper / neighbour
• Prices include a $40 admin fee (waived at 1200+ papers)
• Prices include the cost of printing papers + mailing expenses + handling fee
• Druthers receives the small handling fee which helps Druthers grow
• Minimum order size is 400 neighbours / newspapers

400 neighbours = $196
800 neighbours = $352
1200 neighbours = $468
1600 neighbours = $624
2000 neighbours = $780
2800 neighbours = $1092
3600 neighbours = $1404
4400 neighbours = $1716
5200 neighbours = $2028

If you wish to send to more than 5,200 neighbours, please contact us for special arrangements. Or if you have any questions, please reach out.

Who delivers the newspapers?

Newspapers sent through our neighbourhood mail service are delivered by Canada Post. The newspapers are not personally addressed and arrive anonymously, similar to how flyers are delivered.

Who will receive the newspapers?

Residential homes, apartments & condos in your selected postal route will have the papers delivered directly into their mailboxes by Canada Post.

Will the receivers know who sent the papers to them?

Absolutely not. You will remain anonymous. Newspapers will be delivered much similar to how flyers are delivered, which DOES NOT include a senders name or address.

How often are Druthers papers printed?

Druthers is a monthly publication. We print an average of 250,000 copies each month and mail out monthly.

What if I want to pre-order multiple month’s of deliveries today?

The quantity field beside the ‘add to cart’ button will allow you to increase the number of months you are purchasing at once. Quantity 1 = 1 month of mailing. Quantity 3 would mean 3 months in a row of mailings.


Please ENTER YOUR CHOSEN POSTAL CODE delivery area in the notes section during checkout (under your billing address)

NOTE: This service is managed by postal routes. The average postal route has 500 homes on it and covers multiple postal codes. Some postal routes have over 1000 homes on it. If you order delivery to 400 or 800 neighbours, it is a possibility that some homes in your postal code or street will not receive the papers. They may go only to nearby neighbours instead. To be absolutely sure your specific postal code / address receives Druthers, please order the 1200 neighbours package or higher. This will ensure your entire postal route is covered, including your specific chosen postal code.

If you would like to know how many people are in your entire postal route, feel free to email us ( and we will find out for you and let you know.


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