Love Ambassador Kits by ILOVEYOUPASSITON with FREE Shipping


Everything you need to share more of your love with the world. Thousands of people are wearing these love shirts and over 200,000 love cards have been given out to people all around the world since 2016. You are invited to join the movement. Get a love ambassador kit and amplify your love into the world. Prices are in CAD and worldwide shipping is free.

The shirts are great for boosting people in your community with love vibes without even having to say a word. It’s a beautiful thing really. The love cards are amazing for opening up warm interactions with just about anyone. They put a smile on almost everyone’s face. Even just leaving them behind where someone else will find it is a simple way to raise the vibes in your own local community.

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NOTE: ILOVEYOUPASSITON was a hobby project by the founder of DRUTHERS, Shawn Jason. When 2020 hit, the world changed and so did the Shawn’s intention and direction. DRUTHERS Newspaper became his main focus. Rather than managing both websites, he chose to make the ILOVEYOUPASSITON shirts, cards, stickers & love ambassador kits available here as they are a perfect fit with the purpose of DRUTHERS anyway.

Visit the iloveyoupassiton facebook group to see photos & videos the love shirts and cards in action from people all over the world!