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In a world where one sided narratives are the norm and censorship of opposing views is accepted, a project like Druthers is more necessary and important than ever!

Druthers began in Dec 2020 as a free alternative perspective newspaper, printing 25,000 copies which were freely distributed all across Ontario by a handful of friends. April saw our 5th issue and we printed 300,000 copies which are being freely distributed all across CANADA by hundreds of passionate Druthers fans. It is incredible.

Now, we have started making video content too, reporting on various events & actions around Toronto and Ontario that mainstream won’t touch, or clearly misrepresents. We really enjoy creating in this way and aim to bringing you more video content from all across Canada.

Additionally, this website just received a fresh new makeover and contains easily shareable pieces of vital news and information that you won’t find on any mainstream outlets.

PLUS, a super beautiful, passionate, core team of volunteers has been forming at the Druthers home base in Toronto and we’ve been working some magic. This entire project has been tremendously magical! We are literally creating history with Druthers and with your help we can do even more.

Donate on this page to support the growth of this project.

Or donate directly to the printing and distribution of the free Druthers newspaper on our newspaper fundraising campaign here.



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