FREE E-BOOK: “How To Opt-Out Of The Technocratic State” by Derrick Broze

My new book “How To Opt-Out of the Technocratic State” is now available for FREE download and purchase if you want a physical copy. You can also order through Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Amazon, etc.

Thanks so much for the support and to those who helped fund this project. I wrote this work because I see the digital dystopia coming into view around us. I think we are at a crucial point where we can form communities who opt-out of the “Smart Grid” and find strength in numbers. The book covers my ideas on the possible solutions for maintaining some privacy and liberty during the Technocratic Era.


Part 1: Technocracy, Counter-Economics, and the Future of Freedom

  1. What is Technocracy?
  2. Counter-Economics and Agorism
  3. Vertical and Horizontal Agorism
  4. The Drawbacks (and Solutions) to Living the Counter-Economic Lifestyle

Part 2: Counter-Economics as a Solution to Technocracy

  1. Counter-Economics for the Digital Age
  2. The Counter-Economic Community: Freedom Cells
  3. The Counter-Economic Underground Railroad
  4. Final Thoughts on Surviving the Digital Dystopia

Part 3: Counter-Economics: From the Back Alleys to the Stars by SEK3

  1. Tax Counter-Economics
  2. International Counter-Economics
  3. Soviet Counter-Economics
  4. Drug Counter-Economics
  5. Inflation Counter-Economics
  6. Information Counter-Economics
    Chapters 7 Through 10
    Outline of Counter-Economics by SEKIII

From the Introduction:

“The window is short, but we have the opportunity to remove ourselves from the State’s matrix of control. The current social credit system employed in China will soon make its way to the United States and the rest of the “civilized world.” It has already become nearly impossible to live a life that is not monitored and analyzed from cradle to grave. If we plan to survive this quickly approaching technocratic corporate-state control grid, I believe we must embrace the solutions first identified by Samuel E. Konkin III. It’s time to recognize that Agorism and Counter-Economics are the answer to our problems.

One final note: As I type these words in December 2019, I do so with the full awareness that digital technology is evolving at an exponential rate. The invasive technology of today might appear quaint or even archaic to someone reading this in 2025. I will admit that even the solutions contained within this book may end up outdated in less than a decade depending on the direction our technological world takes. However, no matter what the future looks like my message to you is never surrender. Find ways to adapt. Build communities with other like-minded people. Keep the flames of liberty alive in your heart and minds. As long as the human spirit desires to be free, we can and will find a way to overcome all hardship. No matter what year you discover this book, please use it as inspiration and a foundation upon which to build. Humanity’s future in in your hands.”

  • Derrick Broze

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