Druthers interview: Canadian parents turned activists, why?

Norbert and Odessa are 2 regular Canadians, parents and entrepreneurs who have become very concerned with current global events as well as Canadian politics and have recently opened up Canada’s own social network for freedom loving Canadians, Librti.com.

Like so many millions of Canadians across the country, they have had enough of the political and corporate corruption in this country and the world and are doing something about it. We had a chance to learn a little more about what they’re doing and why they believe it is so important.

As a mother and a small business owner, what inspired you to start your own YouTube channel discussing current events and politics?

Prior to opening Librti and starting my YouTube show, I had started to research the vaccine/pharmaceutical industry for years. When I had my first baby a very good doctor friend of mine warned me about vaccines. He had never brought the subject up prior to my son’s birth and we were good friends. He said that he believed they were linked to many neurological and physical ailments. His wife encouraged me to do the research and pleaded with me not to give my newborn the heavy load of vaccines the medical system can be known to bully parents into. I have great gratitude to them for that conversation. The research I did turned into a very sad awakening for me about the cover-ups, lawsuits, and lies of both pharma and the media. I have met great people throughout this process with a lot of knowledge about what has been going on behind the scenes and just how corrupt our medical institutions have become.

When the Covid narrative arrived, Trudeau made a public statement that he may “mandate” the rushed vaccine. That moment I went from just a mom of 2 incredible, healthy boys and a small business owner to an outspoken activist. I had never been an activist until that point. I had never been to a protest in my life but every cell in my body told me to head downtown with a sign, join the others and make my voice known. Every move I have made since then, has been to try to save my children’s health as well as the health of other Canadian children.

I started my own YouTube channel “Liberty Talk Canada” feeling that I was in a race to get the truth out. Norbert realized the quick success of my show and started seeing the gross amount of censorship happening to whistleblower doctors, scientists, lawyers, some politician’s and ex-pharma staff. The censorship started with vaccine information and then once Covid rolled out it moved to censoring a variety of topics that independent citizen journalists were covering on their shows. My first YouTube channel was removed from YouTube around the same time 4 or 5 other Canadian journalists channels were removed. They were literally censoring documents we were showing from government websites and scientific articles. The more credible the guest the bigger the chance your episode would be taken down by YouTube. They wiped out my 18,500 subscribers I had after only airing for a few months. My episodes ranged from 10,000- 120,000 views and then I woke up one day and my channel was gone. Facebook is following the same playbook now too. I have a new channel on YouTube that I’m starting all over again and being forced to move to other platforms like BitChute and now our new platform Librti.com

Norbert, what led you to building and launching a brand new social network for Canadians?

For me, I would say Odessa was the spark that lit my fire and forced me to action. I saw how angry and afraid she was when she learned that there was talk that the government here in Canada could potentially force an experimental vaccine into her body and the bodies of her children.

As an immigrant from a communist country I grew up being told stories by my parents of this kind of terror in Communist regimes, under Stalin, under Mao, Mussolini and in Poland where I was born. My father and mother pulled us out of Poland took us away from everything that they had, everyone they knew and turned their life upside down to leave that country, to give us a better life here in Canada.

And now here I am 40 years later, witnessing my wife fear her government. This is not Canada anymore. This is not the country my parents immigrated to.

What we must accept is that we cannot trust our institutions any longer, as they have been corrupted by career politicians and global corporate interests. We all know this. It’s not up for debate. We have simply tolerated it for far too long, and we are now living through the consequences.

I always believed that I live in a free country. But in a free country, we must have freedom of information. And sadly, that’s not the case anymore. We can’t have freedom of information, freedom of discussion and debate if you censor opposing ideas, opinions and analysis that don’t support your narrative. That’s not freedom, and we cannot allow that. It is a very dangerous path.

As cynical as I am, I do believe in the best of humanity. And I do believe that if we were given the right information, the people of this country and of this world would be making very different decisions. Unfortunately, a very effective psychological marketing campaign has been put upon us.

As a marketing expert and trainer, it’s easy for me to see how this campaign was constructed and how it’s being executed on a daily basis. We really are in a battle of information and ideas. I also know how powerful the Internet can be in levelling the playing field and allowing regular people to have a voice! That is the inspiration behind Librti.com. We saw how many people at the beginning of this “crisis” were feeling isolated and alone, losing family members and friends. So many Canadians like Odessa feeling enraged, sad and frightened at the tyrannical changes taking place in our country.

And that’s where the idea of Librti.com was born. An online community to connect freedom loving Canadians across this country, regardless of political beliefs, regardless of political association, religion, race, creed, class. It doesn’t matter. If you believe in freedom, truth, compassion and the principle of non-aggression and you want to connect with others of like-mind, then Librti.com is the community for you.

Our goal is to provide Canadians with a secure platform to connect, share, discuss, and collaborate freely and openly without censorship and without big tech surveillance.

There are millions of Canadians that have been complacent but are now fed up with all of the lies and deceit and corruption rampant in ALL parties of government. We have remained silent through it all. But now that the government is forcing themselves into our homes, invading our families and threatening to detain us and inject poisons into our bodies, they have gone too far.

As fathers and mothers and parents and grandparents who care about the future for our children, we do not consent. And we will stand up, united, for our liberty.

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