Doug Ford: “Come by McDonalds and Buy an Order of Fries” Seriously?

I find it quite absurd to think, that in the middle of a ‘health crisis’, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford is telling people to eat McDonalds french fries.

In a video / ad he posted on his instagram account on November 10th, he is shown standing in front of a McDonalds holding a large order of fries, and he says;

“How are you doing everyone? I encourage you to come by McDonalds and buy an order of fries. It’s called “Fries For Good”. From November the 10th to November the 30th is going to Ronald McDonald House. A great, great organization, helps so many families. But come and get the fries. I always say McDonals has the best fries anywhere. (eats a french fry) Mmm. Tasty!”

Well, there are a couple things to this I would like to comment on.

First thing, why the heck is the ‘leader’ of 14,446,515 people in Ontario encouraging everyone to eat french fries? During a ‘pandemic’?? Everybody knows those are terribly unhealthy for us. (He looks to be a living example of unhealthy) And being that we are in the midst of a global health emergency (or so the story goes), wouldn’t a truly caring leader be promoting things that are actually good for us and which help boost our immune systems and make us more resistant to viruses, in turn, saving more lives? Maybe I missed it (admittedly, I don’t watch a lot of him yammering on) but I have not heard one single piece of good health advice from Doug McFord, ever! Yet this is the man running the province and making health decisions for us all.

“Stay inside” (danger is lurking everywhere) “Wear a mask” (psychological breaking us down, literally) “Show you care” (hardcore manipulation of the good hearts in people). That’s all I hear from this man. Oh, and also, “Get Tested” (*sigh, too much to try summarizing this in a set of brackets)

No. Instead, on his Twitter account, back on May 15th of this year, he posted a video and told us; “This long weekend try making my famous cheesecake! I’ve been making this recipe for years and it always brings back good family memories.”

Seriously Dougie? Cheesecake? Really??

People are supposedly dropping like flies all over the province from a killer cold virus and you are telling people to eat cheesecake? And now McDonalds, too? You really gotta be kidding me.

How about being a decent human being and encourage people to eat more healthy foods, or to take vitamins & minerals like C, D, Zinc & others. Yeah, the stuff that is well proven to be extremely beneficial at keeping our bodies strong against viruses.

Telling people to eat cheesecake, and french fries?

If you really CARE about people, how about some advice that is actually HELPFUL to the people? Or are you just cashing in on your social media influencer status? Come on. (Honestly, I believe it runs much deeper than just a sponsorship check)

Second point, and even worse point (because this is being forced on people whereas your silly grinning mug pitching McDonals still leaves people with freedom of choice to buy or not.)

Forcing Small Business Closures

Oh wait, but they don’t really have freedom to buy french fries elsewhere, do they? No, because you have been crushing the majority of Ontario’s small & medium size businesses while driving mass amounts of customers, sales & money to those who are already way beyond wealthy. What (TF) are you thinking, man?? Promoting a massive transnational corporation like that, while you are literally destroying the majority of small and medium size businesses here in Ontario?

Is this reality even really happening???

I’m not going to wander too far the rabbit hole in this article. Let’s keep this one light. But Doug, I believe you know the immense severity of what you are doing. And the people are waking up. We see you. And we are growing.

If I had my druthers, Doug Ford would be fired!

P.S. Who in their right mind wears latex gloves in their own kitchen to make a cheesecake? And blatantly obvious bright blue ones even. Could your psychological manipulation tactics be any more apparent there, Mr. McFord? But, I digress as I said I wouldn’t wander too far the rabbit hole on this one.

P.P.S. I must admit, as I read this over I am feeling a little sense of ‘absurdity’ in publishing this. I too, simply by sharing this article with others, will be inadvertently advertising McDonalds. Wow. Is there no escape? Lol.

Crazy world, eh?

Be well. Love lots. No fear.

Shawn Jason

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