Connecting The Dots: Agenda 2021, The Great Reset & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This is not a synopsis, endorsement or critique — rather I hope to disagree with enough points to make people interested enough to watch – it contains some very important information, dots that one otherwise might not know about.

For readers outside of Ireland, please bear in mind that while the lockdown and other measures there have not been quite as severe or Orwellian, Orwellian as, say New Zealand or Bavaria, I have listened to other Irish commenters who get a foreboding sense that a great evil is behind it all.

There is an art to “Connecting the Dots”, especially when they aren’t numbered for you. Without a clear trail to guide you, a confusing spiderweb of intersecting connections can appear, rather than the recognizable outline of a given shape. Likewise, those of us who have been awake for a longer time are able to discern the pattern more easily.

In this video of potentially unmentionable (censorable by big tech) subjects and keywords, Dave mentions the “long-term mission of the globalists to disrupt the distribution of meat.” Is that a bad thing? Vegan attitudes are unpopular in some circles, however industrialized agriculture is the environmentalists’ invisible enemy in the room! Absolutely no “climate change” activist I have heard of knows anything about the impact that cattle feed lots and slaughterhouse cesspools have on our environment; just as they wound up annihilating healthy forests for biomass in the name of “green energy”.

So…if the thought of never enjoying another juicy steak ever again scares you to death, you might actually agree with this presenter, and share some of his concerns…

He holds Klaus Schwab up as a key player, a mastermind of the globalists’ New World Order. It’s easy to view these infamous, unelected oligarchs as Very Important Pieces on a chessboard, sacrificing us like pawns. The reality is that they are the pawns, yes, the Gates, the Soros, the bankers playing we never actually get to see; we comprise the board. Without us there would be no game.

Practically every government around the world regurgitated the same party line on cue, the way every local news station recites identical talking points daily; one did not have to look far in history to find the dress rehearsal: Event 201.

If the Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal/(whatever label we want to throw on it) were not financially crippled and on the run from forces in the current US administration, they would have been happy to take the next ten years to let all the events of 2020 happen so gradually, imperceptibly…and Dave exposes Agenda 2030. For anyone who didn’t know.

Dave also does a good job pointing out that all of the societal and economic upheaval (ostensibly caused by a virus) was planned and well in hand before any actual pretext of a pandemic occurred, and the “changes” due to WHO and CDC “recommendations” have much more to do with police-state surveillance, and the pre-emptive squashing of dissent and rebellion than any microbe-driven health concern.

The United States could have eliminated poverty worldwide in 2005 (I’m not going to discuss what we did instead. It’s sad). Dave seems to be resistant to the idea of ‘universal basic income’ – of course, the danger of being dependent upon the State is control. You do as they say or else. As long as it’s basic, meaning minimal, and there are plenty of other ways to make and earn money, I don’t see the problem. People will still want to work, and the economy would boom – the best thing to ever happen to capitalism. Even Monopoly pays you $200 for going past go, remember? It would be a boring game without that.

I wonder about the possibility that while the lockdowns were originally designed to nefariously introduce totalitarian-regime style oppression, they may have been co-opted by good actors to provide cover for mass arrests, and reduce the possibility of riots, mass shootings, and child abductions.

I have been discouraging people from gathering in large groups for any reason; while I agree with their sentiments and motivation, whether labeled a protest, rally, demonstration, religious worship, “raising awareness” etc. It’s easy to denounce the rioters, whether white supremacist, left-wing radicals, or undercover agents provocateur — but when are people going to stop inadvertently providing cover for them?? Ultimately, I’m not worried about this so much, due to the widespread proliferation of cell phone cameras and what they have been able to expose lately.

We can do more for ourselves and our fellow human beings by getting straight with Our Selves. When you are by yourself, are you in good company? Before anyone goes out and tries to “fix the world” by burning it down, screaming, and punching people in the face…think for a moment…is your life at all in order??? Do you really have nothing to lose? And this is going to make things better how exactly???

People die all the time, every day, for all sorts of reasons. The Nazis, who we all agree to hate forever, were able to slip a lot of measures in place by saying “It’s for your health and safety”. Are you reconciled with the fact that you are mortal? If your mind is dominated with thoughts of fear and dread, not only will your health suffer, you will attract the very things you are afraid of, by means of the poor decisions you will have made from a place of fear.

If we all work on bettering our Selves through our own spiritual development, we will progress faster as a species than if we try to use either morality or nationalism as a basis for killing those who disagree.

Written by: David J. Nolan

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