Dance Party Breaks Out In The Streets Of Downtown Toronto on Halloween 2020

The lockdown protests in Toronto often look more like parties than protests and this past weekend was certainly no exception.

For the 29th Saturday in a row, Toronto residents took to the streets to have their voices heard and protest against the extreme over-reach of government officials regarding what they consider to be extreme lockdown measures.

Dundas Square was bursting with energy this past Saturday (Halloween Day 2020) as at least 1500 protestors showed up, many wearing costumes, and everyone having a great time. It really felt like a Halloween street party. As usual there were speakers to address the crowd to share stories & information. Then after wrapping up the speeches, protestors took to the streets for a march around downtown and back.

As the group was arriving back at the square, Yonge St. just south of Dundas erupted into a dance party, as seen in the video above.

When asked why these protests were so much fun, one protestor responded with; “Sure, we are angry and we are standing up for our rights & freedoms, but we must not forget to celebrate what makes us human. Smiles, laugher, hugs & dancing are all important to a healthy, happy life and this is what we are fighting to maintain.”

One thing is certain. Mainstream news paints these protests entirely wrong. We are told these “anti-mask” protests (which is quite belittling in contrast to what they are actually protesting) are scary, dangerous and stupid. Even the Premiere of Ontario, Doug Ford, berates the protestors, calling them “yahoo’s” and saying that if they don’t like living here, “they can pack their bags”.

Well you know what Doug Ford, as someone who has personally attended 22 of the 29 protests, I can tell you, you work for those yahoo’s and their numbers are growing. So you better start playing nice or more of them will be showing up at your home to have their voices heard.

P.S. If you are in the GTA and would like to attend a protest outside of Doug Ford’s home, contact Paul Erwin on facebook. Each week he puts up a new facebook event page with the info and address. See you there!

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