A Big MILESTONE Was Reached Today For This Project… Please Read This Post


Today, (Saturday, December 12, 2020) at the rally in downtown Toronto, I put the last few thousand papers into the hands of ​volunteer distributors. This marks a big moment for me, and for Druthers. We completed the first mission. We assembled, printed and distributed 25,000 copies of a FREE alternative newspaper around Southern Ontario. We really did it! Yes, I led this, but WE did it.

Only because of the immense amount of love & support from so many beautiful people like you, this project flowed and came together almost rather magically, and I thank you, truly.

Over these next 2 weeks, myself and the team will be assembling the 2nd issue and will have it ready for January 1st and I aim to make it ever more powerful and impactful than the last. I ask of you, please, let’s keep the momentum going and growing! We’ve started something beautiful with the potential for massive impact, and I need your help.


I am doubling down on the next run of papers and will have 50,000 copies printed. Some people are calling me crazy for diving in so big, especially for it being just our 2nd issue, but I believe with your help we can make this look easy. Just as we all make it look easy to get 25,000 copies out on our first run. (Some people called me crazy for doing 25,000 copies on the first run too, but we did it) !!!

For the January issue I hope we build more momentum & get more organized to ensure all 50,000 copies are distributed in a timely fashion.

And if you are able, please do what you can to help ensure we hit the funding goal on this campaign! Donate and/or share this link everywhere you can! www.gogetfunding.com/druthers

We have numerous ‘reward’ levels for contributors to choose from if you wish.

We have a few bold statement t-shirts available for $30 contributions. Or you can reserve a bundle of papers for yourself to pick up (after Jan 1) or even have us mail them to you. There is also a truly incredible album that was donated to Druthers to use as a fundraising tool. It is a very relevant & uplifting album called FREEDOM, by Francine Jarry. You can select this reward for a $20 or more donation to this campaign. See all rewards on the main fundraising page.

Donations can also be sent via e-transfer if you prefer to; druthers.net@protonmail.com


We still have room for a few more impactful articles. If you love to write / express and are passionate about a particular topic or point that you feel will help people begin to question things more deeply, please ​get ahold of me, Shawn Jason at druthers.net@protonmail.com

If you want to help but don’t know what to write about, message me and I will give you input on topics I feel should be in the next issue.

Not a writer but know one, or some who are on the same page as we are? Please introduce them to Druthers and invite them to contribute an article.


While things are flowing so magically, perhaps we can amp things up a few notches on the digital end of things. I don’t yet know quite how this looks, but I see an internet radio show for druthers in the near future, as well as video production in the form of reporters on site at various locations and events, as well as interviews for both video and radio. Is this a way you may be able to contribute? Please message me and let’s talk about working our magic together. druthers.net@protonmail.com

Additionally, another good hand or two with the websites would be very welcomed. It is time to start pumping out content through the website too.


Please reach out if you see a way to help this project grow! This is a people powered project and if you feel we are in alignment with other’s views, visions and mission, get in touch and let’s explore getting you more involved. druthers.net@protonmail.com

Thank you. I love you. Let’s do this!


Shawn Jason
Website: www.druthers.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/mydruthers
Fundraiser: www.gogetfunding.com/druthers
Decembers Newspaper: www.druthers.net/ontario-2020-december

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